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  • Futures & Options Execution
  • Indices
  • Single Stock Options
  • MSCI
  • Delta 1
  • Exotics
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  • Cash Equity Execution
image description CREDIT & CAPITAL
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Distressed Assets
  • Structured Credit
  • Special Solutions
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  • LME Futures & Options
  • Commodity Indices & Exotics
  • Oil Derivatives


Besides offering an extensive range of specialized products, we consistently provide optimal price discovery, using our expert product knowledge and far-reaching network to source the best available liquidity.

Our strength lies in the experience and quality of our team, supported by excellent operations and infrastructure.

  • Optimal price discovery using VCM's extensive network to source the best available liquidity.
  • In-depth insight into Asian equity derivative, credit and commodity flows.
  • Non politically biased ideas.
  • No conflicts of interest - no in-house positions to be offloaded onto clients.
  • VCM's pre and post trade coverage fills a service gap often overlooked by the banks.


VCM is a firm that prides itself on its speed of execution, professionalism, transparency and independence.

VCM works alongside its clients allowing them to access the full range of capital markets with a view to accessing liquidity and/or raising capital. It is this transparency and consistency that allows us to not only access the existing pools of liquidity through established instruments regardless of how illiquid or opaque they may be, but by also defining value on behalf of the investors. We look to create new structures based on the needs of our existing corporate relationships, working throughout the entire capital structure from placement through to execution. Our transparency and independence allows VCM to reduce the ownership chain of corporates as they access the costs of financing directly from the investor's balance sheets and not as a function of a spread taken on an intermediary's balance sheet. VCM strives to add value to investors and issuers through synergic alliances.

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